Thursday, April 8, 2021 | 12:00pm - 3:00pm (EST)

Lupus Clinical Trials Redefined: You Make the Difference

After 10 long years, two new lupus treatments were just approved, and we have every person who took part in a clinical trial to thank! With your help, the next big breakthrough won’t take another decade! 

The Lupus Research Alliance and Lupus Therapeutics have developed a broad clinical research education program “Redefining Lupus Trials: You Make the Difference.”  Featured is our Interactive Clinical Trials Virtual Fair on Thursday, April 8, 2021. 

At the fair, hear about different types of clinical studies and how trials are being adapted in the face of COVID-19.  Learn about an upcoming study looking at the COVID-19 vaccines for people with lupus and how to sign up to be contacted when the study opens.  Chat with people with lupus who have been in a trial and researchers about specific studies near you. And while you are learning more about how you make the difference in lupus trials, you will earn points for every activity. And points translate into awesome prizes!

You Can Make All the Difference. Join us April 8 and find out how.

About the Lupus Research Alliance and Lupus Therapeutics

The Lupus Research Alliance is the largest non-governmental, non-profit funder of lupus research worldwide. The organization aims to transform treatment while advancing toward a cure by funding the most innovative lupus research, fostering diverse scientific talent, stimulating collaborations and driving discovery toward better diagnostics, improved treatments and ultimately a cure for lupus. Because the Lupus Research Alliance’s Board of Directors fund all administrative and fundraising costs, 100% of all donations goes to support lupus research programs.

Lupus Therapeutics, an affiliate of the Lupus Research Alliance, aims to accelerate drug discovery and diagnostic innovation for all patients living with lupus. Lupus Therapeutics engages with biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, as well as other investigators, to bring clinical trials to real people living with lupus. The organization aims to place the patient voice at the center of strategic planning with the most creative clinicians and scientists in the world.

Exhibit Hall Booths

  • Antidote
  • Emory University
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Medical University of South Carolina Division of Rheumatology
  • Northwell Health
  • Northwestern University
  • NYU Langone Health
  • Temple University
  • The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
  • The Lupus Initiative/American College of Rheumatology
  • The MetroHealth System at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
  • University of Alabama Birmingham
  • University of California San Diego
  • University of California San Francisco
  • University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
  • University of Washington
  • Wallace Rheumatic Studies Center, LLC

Confirmed as of 4/5/2021